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Sinus infection is a major health problem that affects 16% of the population in Europe and its prevalence is increasing every year making it one of the most common reasons to visit the doctor.

A recent focus group elaborated by the Laporte Foundation in Spain informs us that most of the 21% of the population in Spain that suffers from sinus infection is either not well informed about their pathology or do not know how to treat it properly.

The focus group made up of 7 men and women. Patients were between 40-70 years old and had been affected by chronic sinus infection for a long time. The qualitative methodology in the focus invites the patients to speak about their experiences, needs and barriers detected of their sinus infection.

One the most common concerns of this group is the unsatisfactory solution given to the patient due to their similarity in the beginning with the common cold or allergies with symptoms such as nasal, eye and forehead obstruction. It is important to realize that the key to providing the best treatment for the patient depends on the knowledge of the origin of the sinus infection in each patient.

Another important topic of concern was the daily impact on life caused by this condition as patients suffer from intense pain, headaches, dream alteration, nasal blockage, loss of smell among other symptoms which cause frequent absence at work. Also its high cost in several products due to the waste of money in unuseful products to reduce the symptoms.

The conclusions: it is necessary to have information with detailed explanations and graphs in order to know more about this pathology The educational materials are one of the most recommended tools of communication between doctors and patients in order to improve the information process and increase knowledge and understanding between them: It is imperative that the information is trustworthy, understandable and for all audiences.

The information available on the internet is in general not a trustworthy source for this pathology, as there are only a few Web pages submitted by professionals and with complete knowledge of sinus infection.

The correct materials and information produced by professionals are helpful in reducing symptoms, solving doubts, carrying out identification and improving knowledge of new therapies and following the correct guidance in order to help the patient to have a better quality of life.

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    Yep almost all. Because sinus is a common disease which is being faced by every person at-least once in a whole life.Sinus issues are really disturbing and annoying. The headache during the sinus problem is just unavoidable and unbearable.

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