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What are the Sinuses?

What are the Sinuses? Sinus is an air-filled cavity located behind cheeks, eyes and forehead in the cranial (skull) bones. A mucus membrane lines the sinus. The membrane has cells with very fine hairs, ciliated epithelium that pushes out the mucus from the cavity, enabling…

What Causes Nasal Polyps

Nasal polyps, an abnormal growth of tissues within the sinuses and the nasal passages, can be of pink, grey or yellow color. The fully-grown nasal polyps resemble to grapes on the stem, but the size of the teardrop polyps may vary. Big-size polyps may plug…

Lasers for Surgery (sinus)

Lasers are commonly used for all kinds of surgeries. However, lasers are not the main surgical tool for surgery-sinus. In some pathologies, the laser is very helpful and a perfect choice, whereas it may produce edema and trauma in other cases.

Some body stats… and sinuses

It is widely accepted that the human body is the most perfect, efficient, best-constructed machine ever devised. We are approximately 57% water, but up to 60 chemical elements also form our bodies. Among these, we can find polonium, vanadium, uranium and tungsten. 639 muscles, 206…

How I met... sinusitis

With the end of ‘How I met your mother’ many of us were left without a good sitcom to watch. Its creators made us laugh and cry during 9 seasons, ending with a clever ‘go back to the starting point’ feeling.The way small events in…